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Favored Company delivers digitial design, strategy and product engineering that helps move your business forward.

Getting work done

We bring outstanding digital ideas to life

Exceptional strategy, engineering and design services

It all starts with your users

We uncover the needs of your users first, delivering shareable insights and learnings with your team that get more valuable over time.

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Deliver your Business Goals

Your strategy is important. We will strive to meet your business objectives, while delivering a solution that aligns with your brand.

Conversion Rate Optimization | Branding | Design Systems | Content

Make it work

We follow engineering best practices, stay abreast of current tech, and deliver robust digital solutions that meet needs and are pleasant to use.

Agile | Tests | Deployment | Content Creation

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New and existing projects, from cutting edge tech to working with legacy systems


Misheneye is a web app that walks a small business owner through the process of creating a brand guide for their business.

Graphql | React | Apollo | Elixir | AWS | Postgres


Integrated Ecommerce

We created an ecommerce solution for a smart home company in Florida. We worked with their marketing and existing developer team to integrate with their existing user data.

Magento 2 | Braintree | Wordpress | Salesforce

Microservices Hub

We developed a solution for an international non-profit to communicate with their SSO (Single Sign On) solution, mobile apps, database, and proprietary api.

Elixir | Couchbase | REST API | CAS | Websockets

Prior Auth (Healthcare) Solution

We worked with a company in Baltimore to prefill Prior Auth forms for Doctors based on information in their HMR.

Elixir | React | PDFs

Enterprise CMS

We developed a solution for authors to create pages in a drag and drop interface that adhered to the organization's brand.

Adobe Experience Manager | Zeplin

We believe in using the right tool for the job. We have used Gatsby/React to create a simple site for a local non-profit, because that's simply all they needed. Hosting is free, and there's very few attack vectors compared with Wordpress.

We can also develop in something like React Native or Flutter to give you web, iOS and Android apps while sharing 80% of the same codebase.

We'd love to start by learning your needs to deliver an appropriate solution you're going to love.


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Gavin Walsh

Founder, Developer

Ethan Malachuck

Conversion Rate Optimizer, Facebook Ad Buyer

Nick Burns

Branding expert, Logo and Design Guru

David Cotrone

Ecommerce and marketing wizard

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