Finally... get your custom app built in 1 month for just 9k.

Logins, roles, integrations, personalization, AI - whatever you need for your business.

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Get a business asset that drives revenue and cuts costs.

Experience the value of fast, beautiful, custom software.

Website with authentication.
Your new software will be accessible on the web from your browser on desktop or mobile devices.
Clear path to native.
If you need a native iOS/Android app, we can build off your code, data and integrations to ship that in a future version.
0 fluff.
Beautiful UI/UX customized for your use case - realtime, snappy, and tremendously effective.
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Favored Company went above and beyond by delivering a custom form solution for gradually engaging our prospects and netting us a strong Return on Ad Spend.


Everything you need

All the features to set you up for success.

Start with a strong foundation that delivers value.

Rock-solid data storage
Postgres is a world-class, enterprise level database and is the standard for large and small projects alike.
Best-in-class design tooling
Tailwind is used by Netflix, OpenAI and Shopify as well as modern small software projects.
Scalable Servers
Start with free while having the capacity to scale globally to the edge.
Point-in-time Data Recovery
Beyond daily backups, have the ability to restore data to specific points-in-time in the past.
Full Integrations
From 3rd party software like Zapier and Salesforce to your custom data on proprietary systems, integrate and sync your data the way you want.
Robust code
With Elixir get the same programming language used by companies like Pinterest, Bleacher Report, Toyota, Discord, PepsiCo plus countless startups.
Bottomless Storage & Global CDN
Videos, pdfs, images, docs - upload, store and deliver assets to the right people at the right time.
Realtime Everything
No waiting for screen refreshes, keep your data in sync across devices

Harness years of experience delivering code that gets results.

We've helped startups, small businesses and enterprise organizations deliver real value to their customers and team.


Media/Livestream | Chat | Tax Compliance


Delivered livechat integration with filters, integrated a global tax solution provider and created custom admin site to manage video content for this incredible white label video streaming platform.


Smart Home/Payments, CRM, API

Clare Controls

We delivered a seemless integration between Salesforce, Magento, and their proprietary tech to unite the customer experience for this innovative smart home company.


Healthcare/Back office | Data


Sped up workflows by prefilling prior auth PDF forms with pre-existing data, improving accuracy and speed for the team.

Invested in your Success

Consistent results over the long term

After shipping your first version in 1 month, we continue to work with you on retainer for 9k/mo, 4.5k/mo or 2k/mo, depending on the velocity of changes you want.

From brand new features to UI/UX changes, we help you build even more value in your software asset.

“I couldn't believe how quickly Gavin got our software up. Seeing it live helped the team iterate quickly.”

Mike Shaw – Marketing Manager
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  • Back Office Administration. Elevate the effectiveness of you and your team with the perfect dashboard. Surface data across platforms in one spot. Create custom forms and custom actions that send information to the right spot at the right time.
  • Customer Portal. Show personalized content to your customers via logins by password, Google, Facebook, or another platform. Possibilities include everything from managing billing and receipts to appointment or shopping history to video or article recommendations.
  • Profit Optimization. You likely have data across multiple systems. If you could stitch some of that information together, you can surface opportunities to cut costs or increase revenue.
  • Dealer's choice. The great thing with software, AI and custom development is that virtually anything involving tech is on the table. Whether you're building something for your use or to sell to companies like yourself, if you can see real value in your solution, let's talk!

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